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Public Information: L

General information publications, listed alphabetically. These documents are also placed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.

This compilation of statistics contains labour information drawn from a variety of sources. Statistics are provided for labour market demographics, labour market supply and staff profiles.

48 2017

This booklet provides basic information on LRAD and gives advice on how to access the programme.

68 2015
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99 2014

Every year, there are more learners in the province, which is part of the reason why there are still learners who haven't been placed at a school yet.  Late enrolments due to parents relocating to the Western Cape during the festive season or parents of learners that have neglected to enrol their children on time in 2016 make the problem worse.

70 2017 2017

As the 2021 school year starts, some parents are still looking for places at schools in the Western Cape. Officials of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will work closely with schools when they reopen on Monday, 25 January 2021 to assist parents still looking for places for their children in school.

70 2021 2021
147 2019 2020

This document contains a break-down of information regarding the Consumer Price Index. It contains an analysis of the changes to the CPI.

41 2004 2017

Find out about the current dam levels and the different levels of water restrictions in the province.

70 2021 2021
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This information booklet explains to children what their rights are and looks at how different laws affect them. It also provides practical suggestions on how children can access the justice and legal system and where they can go for help.
54 2014

When starting or running a small business, you need to be aware of the numerous laws that impact on your business. This guide introduces the various legal issues small businesses need to consider.

1156 2014

If you find yourself inside an ambulance, it means that you’re injured or accompanying a loved one who needs urgent medical care.

70 2015 2015

All South Africans have the right to professional services, either from the government or private entities. But when that does not happen, there are channels you can follow to ensure you get proper redress. 

70 2019
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227 2004 2013
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227 2004 2013
227 2014
147 2019 2019

Thinking of becoming a registered nurse? Find out what qualification you need and all the career options you can explore.

70 2018 2018

Why Are Trees and Plants Important?

70 2014 2014

The Western Cape Department of Health wants to improve your experience when accessing public health care. Find out how we can make health care in the Western Cape better together.

147 2017 2017
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This brochure explains what library corners are and what services they offer. It also contains a list of library business corners that were established by mid-2001.
1156 2014
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1156 2014

An extensive survey was conducted to gather data about all public library service points and the communities they serve in the Western Cape.

106 2019 2021

The Western Cape Library Service (WCLS) is the biggest of the nine provincial library services in South Africa currently servicing 373 library service points. The Insider's View publication seeks to deliver a better understanding of the functions and responsibilities of the different units within the WCLS.

106 2019 2019

Did you know that the Western Cape Government Library Service is the biggest network of its kind in Africa? This alone calls for a celebration but we are also having a major celebration on 30 and 31 July 2015 for the 60th anniversary of this unique service that connects communities in the Western Cape. 

106 2015 2017

This list consists of 16mm material purchased by the Western Cape Library Service between 1956 and 1996, approximately 5,200 titles. The majority are documentaries in the broadest sense of the word, ranging from straight educational or informational films, to made-for-television programmes, classics of the cinema and more personal works by filmmakers from all over the world.

106 2018 2018

Speak to your local librarian and find out how to get access to the wide range of CDs, DVDs, Vinyl Records and 16mm Films at the public libraries in the Western Cape.

106 2019 2019
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1156 2014

List of Bid Proposals Received - Download Here

EDT 003/18

Development of a National Occupational curriculum content and recognition of prior learning(RPL) toolkit for computer technician occupational qualification

EDT 004/18

Development of a National Occupational curriculum content and recognition of prior Learning(RPL) toolkit for water process controller occupational qualification

EDT 005/18 

227 2018 2018
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This document lists all the organisations which provide financial assistance to small businesses. A contact name and their contact details are provided. This includes telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and company website addresses.
227 2014
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List of mainly disaster management related books available at the Disaster Management Resource Centre.
1219 2014
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This is the list of all non-profit organisations in the Western Cape which are registered with the Department of Social Development. The list includes registration details, as well as basic information on each organisation.

61 2020
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296 2014

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) kicked off the 2014 school year with a campaign to encourage parents to help their children develop reading, writing and maths skills at home.

The campaign includes a Grade 1 Parents' Guide, radio advertisements, billboards in selected areas and "wrapped" taxis carrying the message on selected routes.

371 2014 2014

“Living Human Treasures” – a National Initiative to identify living individuals who possess a rare skill or knowledge and who have made outstanding contributions in any field of human endeavour.

This is a call to all communities to nominate an individual/s within the living heritage domain. These living human treasures should be pivotal in safeguarding South Africa’s intangible living heritage as a valuable resource for future generations and promote a positive African identity within a globalising world addressing tensions between tradition and modernity. 

99 2016 2020
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Advice on how to and the importance of leading a healthy life even though you may have HIV/AIDS.
55 2014
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33 2008 2013

The Western Cape business sector was out in full force at the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards on Thursday 20 November at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Hosted by Premier Helen Zille and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, the event was held to honour entrepreneurs making substantial contributions to the province’s economy.

227 2014 2014
PROJECT ROLL-OUT: From 1 April 2014
NATURE OF SUPPORT: Financial Support
With the promulgation of the Preferential Procurement Policy regulations, which brought about the enforcement of Local Content / Designated Sectors, the unit will assist successful bidders in obtaining the necessary verification to take up contract (Local Content Verification Certificates) as well as assist the successful bidders in i
227 2014 2014
This gallery contains pictures of news and events where the Department of Local Government and Housing is involved.
1156 2014

What is Local Government?

What are Municipalities?

416 2018 2018