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Informal Sector Business Support

NATURE OF SUPPORT: Non-financial support

BENEFICIARIES:  New and existing SMMEs

DESCRIPTION: The Department of Economic and Tourism is implementing focused business support services to the informal township sector in the Cape Town metro area. These services aim to develop new businesses from the idea stage to start up and existing businesses to the growth stage. This will be co-ordinated through access points in the metro township areas, making business support accessible. Since managing or starting up any small business is a challenge for most, the programme will assist and nurture the emerging businesses through incubation until they have established themselves.

The programme includes:

  • Business advisory services;
  • Capacity building;
  • Incubation facilities;
  • Premises from which to operate (in select cases);
  • Coaching; and
  • Mentoring.

A micro-franchise model will apply in various facets and types of businesses with the intention to develop township businesses that lend themselves to being franchised or duplicated. The intention is to work against copycat businesses by developing entrepreneurs that can identify challenges and overcome them by understanding and applying management principles to enhance their businesses.


  • Municipalities
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Corporates
  • Development Financiers


Mr Keagan Carr
Tel: 021 483 9437

Mr Deon Damons
Tel: 021 483 4934

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