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Positive Effects of Provincial Youth Camp

10 October 2012

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport and its partners are proud of the success of their Provincial Youth Camp at the Steinthal Estate in Tulbagh.

A total of 285 youths attended the week-long camp from 29 September to 6 October 2012. They participated in workshops and activities that focused on leadership, nation-building and social inclusion. They were taught to have respect for diverse cultures and to accept that we form part of a multicultural nation.

The Youth Camp coordinator, Mr Ronald Gabriel, said that the youth really started to reconsider their present mode of operating. He said that the most important lesson that the participants learnt was that you can’t do much on your own; you have to engage in teamwork. "The camp taught everyone that in life you must make the most of your opportunities and have confidence in your abilities through communicating and connecting with others to achieve your goals."

Gabriel said that the positive outcome of the camp is that the diverse group from different walks of life started to co-operate and connecting harmoniously. "The department had a positive impact on their lives, because many of them would have spent their holidays engaging in negative and anti-social behaviour. Through the camping experience, we built the platform for their further development," said Gabriel.

Colin Nyoni (20) from Langa had no regrets about attending the camp as it had an influential impact on him. "The camp changed my life. I’ve learnt many lessons that made me a better person," he said.

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Ronald Gabriel
Youth Camp Coordinator
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