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Youths Leave Legacy through Outreach Activity

9 October 2012

Youths attending the Provincial Youth Camp made a difference in the community of Tulbagh when they restored three building sites as part of their outreach activity on 5 and 6 October 2012.

The Steinthal Estate, where the camp was held, and two community crèches, Feetjieland and Chris Hani, now boast brand new vibrant looks. This outreach activity formed part of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport’s vision to assist the Tulbagh community. Some youths renovated facilities, some planted trees, while others visited old age homes in the spirit of the National Month of the Aged.

The Youth Camp coordinator, Mr Ronald Gabriel, said the activity was about leaving a legacy that both the youths and community members can be proud of. On Steinthal Estate, fencing can now be seen around the children’s play area at the sand pit. Trees were also planted to reinforce the "green" message and walls were brightened up with paintings. The river and the hiking trail on the mountain were also cleaned up.

At the Feetjieland community crèche, the youths dirtied their hands to do a much-needed clean up and painted the interior and exterior walls. At the Chris Hani crèche, they repainted the name of the crèche, making it clearly visible.

Mr Gabriel said that the outreach activity taught the youths some valuable lessons. "They learnt that through effort and altruism, you can make a difference and improve the lives of others. This also served to illustrate to them how they can utilise their basic skills to make a change. They should be very proud of themselves," he said.

Semone Ownhouse, who attended the week-long camp, said that the outreach activity did not only open their hearts for the less privileged, but it also changed their perception of life. "You can actually make a bigger change when you work together. The two-day outreach was all about working together in harmony," she added.

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