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Minister Marais' Provincial Sport Legends Award ceremony speech

15 December 2021

Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais

Provincial Sport Legends Award Ceremony speech

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Good morning, goeiemôre, molweni nonke,

The Western Cape Government is proud to acknowledge and honour legends, heroes, heroines and icons who have made a significant contribution to the development, transformation and growth of sport in South Africa and, particularly, in the Western Cape.

Indeed, a highlight of the DCAS calendar, we are delighted to again be able to officially acknowledge our own living legends, who have given up years of their lives to ensure that we build a better society through sport.  Now more than ever, the roles of individuals who shaped sport in the province should be celebrated and we are therefore privileged to officially recognize our sporting legends and encourage our youth to follow in their footsteps. Their legacy has paved the way for future sporting stars and showcased in real terms the integral significance of sport in the communities we serve.

We wholeheartedly thank our sporting legends in attendance and are mindful of those who cannot join us today, as we pay homage to their efforts to use sport as a tool for positive development and to heal a once divided society. From the various regions of the Western Cape, we commend them for the momentous roles they have played in shaping sport during difficult circumstances and trying times. It is to these men and women that we should look to and seek advice from when we find ourselves in uncharted waters as they have weathered many a storm and accumulated a wealth of experience and now should be acknowledged as the wisest amongst us.

At a time when our world needs much healing, more social inclusion and celebrations of note, we pay tribute to the sacrifices of our Sporting Legends today. We express our gratitude for gracefully giving sport their all in having worked tirelessly to develop the expertise required to ensure that sport is administered professionally and within the traditions of true sportspersonship. We thank them for leading the way with the understanding that sport is a powerful platform on which to build character, community and social inclusion. They have inspired many a sportsperson and community with confidence and pride in their local sport heritage and have actively promoted the vision of a socially inclusive, creative and active Western Cape.

For this and so much more, we salute you!

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Stacy McLean
Spokesperson for the Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais
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