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WCDoA Budget 2023 - A Budget to Inspire Hope through Growth and Jobs

28 March 2023

Today I tabled the Western Cape Agriculture Budget 2023 in the Provincial Parliament.

I announced a total budget of R960.165 million.

The Budget 2023 is guided by the Western Cape Government's three strategic objectives:

  • Growth for Jobs,
  • safety, and
  • dignity and well-being.

Furthermore, the focus is provided by my five ministerial priorities:

  • structured education,
  • training and research,
  • farmer support and development,
  • rural safety, and
  • market access and climate change.

Budget 2023 acknowledges and facilitates the agriculture sector's critical role in driving the economy, creating jobs and responding to the urgency of now in the Western Cape.

In line with the above, my key 2023/4 budget announcements were:

  • R60.844 million to ensure operational support services to the department, including human capital development.
  • R5 million is reserved for upgrading security services.
  • R134.757 million to promote the sustainable use and management of natural resources.
  • R38.628 million is assigned for ecological infrastructure and R18.5 million for river protection works.
  • R222.192 million towards producer support services. Earmarked allocations include the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) of R113 568 million and  R59 979 million of Illima/Letsema.
  • R27.584 million to Casidra SOC LTD to support the department with project and state farm management.
  • R64.158 million to provide animal health services to prevent and control animal diseases. A further R2.5 million goes towards the upgrade of the Veterinary Laboratory.
  • R103.261 million to improve agricultural production through research and technology development, focusing on mitigation and adaptation options for farmers in response to climate change.
  • R42.996 million is set aside for research infrastructure, such as our research farms and support services.
  • R31.706 million to provide production economics and marketing services to agri-businesses, with a further  R7.656 million allocated to facilitating agri-processing initiatives to grow participation in the agricultural value chain.
  • R57.997 million towards education and training and agricultural skills development.
  • R10.084 million to enhance the socio-economic conditions of agri workers and their families.

In response to three key concerns of the sector, namely, biosecurity, energy and climate change, I will be hosting:

  • The Western Cape's Inaugural Veterinary Week in September 2023,
  • An Agriculture Energy Summit in May 2023, and
  • The 9th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture in June 2024.

I also announced that the Western Cape's Cannabis Framework and Implementation Plan (CanPlan) has been finalised and will be released on 29 March 2023 for discussion. The plan identifies initiatives for the department and other provincial departments and partners, laying the foundation for a supportive approach and linking into the National Cannabis Master Plan pillars.

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture will continue to inspire hope through growth and jobs across the sector by responding with the fierce urgency of now.

Media Enquiries: 

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Spokesperson for Minister Ivan Meyer


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