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Jobs, jobs jobs! Penhill development will create opportunities for residents

13 October 2021

The much anticipated Welmoed Estate Development Project better known as Penhill, has to date created nearly 70 job opportunities in its Phase 1A of construction. These opportunities have all been afforded to local residents from the area.

Split over two categories which consist of construction and electrical work, the civil construction works through the appointed contractor ASLA has recruited 35 local workers and 6 subcontractors all registered in the sub council ward 22. The bulk electrical through ADENCO has hired 25 workers and appointed 3 local subcontractors, who are also form within the local sub council.

As the development progresses is it estimated that job opportunities will increase to:

Local Labor (Civil Services)                                :           100 laborers over a 12-month period

Sub-contractors (Civil Services)                        :           16 Sub-contractors over a 8-month period

Sub-contractors (Top Structures)                     :           228 Sub-contractors over a 12-month period

This project has a budget allocation of R762 million and will include a mixture of subsidized and affordable housing opportunities along with a variety of communal facilities and commercial amenities. Over 70 families have been relocated into the TRA’s since the relocation processed began on the 5th October 2021.

Work conducted during this phase include the following:

  • Contractor completed 292 TRA’s,
  • Substation construction is underway
  • Approximately 2,5km out of 7,5 km of the Bulk sewer lines has been laid
  • Bannerman Bridge construction has commenced and completed all substructure concrete works
  • Amatola Culvert temporary bypass road complete and diversion pipe has been laid
  • Internal roads have been completed
  • Subsoil drainage system and mole barrier has been completed
  • Welmoed Substation is 905 completed
  • Construction work of Hawk Switching is at 50% completion
  • Framework for the deck is near completion 60%
  • Setting out for earthworks around the reservoir area and the bulk water supply line has commenced
  • Steel reinforcement for the deck to commence shortly  


It is worth noting that all of this is being conducted on the limited land access granted to both Contractors.

Minister Simmers said: “This project is a life changer in so many facets. It is creating empowerment and job opportunities, which ensures our people are advancing in an economical sense. It is immediately improving the living conditions of those that have moved into the TRA’s. Over time and once the entire 200ha is made available for construction, it will eventually assist approximately 8 000 beneficiaries to live in a safer and dignified manner. I’m pleased to note that more residents have taken the opportunity to move into the TRA’s. I appeal to those that have not yet taken the opportunity, to do so, as it’s clear to see the overall benefits of this immense project.

I’d like to take this opportunity and thank the contractors for ensuring that workers and subcontractors are sourced locally. As the Western Cape Government, we remain committed to upskilling and empowering our residents, particularly our unemployed youth and ensure we create inclusive economic opportunities”.

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