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Dignity, growth, and opportunity through Ebenezer housing project

7 December 2023

On 29 November 2023, the Department of Infrastructure handed over 10 new Breaking New Ground (BNG) houses at the Ebenezer project site in New Horizons, Plettenberg Bay. This marked the completion of Phase 1 of this 3-phase project which started with the appointment of the contractor in March 2023.

BNG housing opportunities, formerly RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) housing opportunities, are provided by government for low-income households registered on the National Housing Needs Register or the relevant Municipal Housing Demand Database.

The BNG strategy aims to promote an integrated society by developing sustainable human settlements and quality housing within a subsidy system that meets the needs of households with different incomes. This approach means building housing and creating liveable human settlements with a full basket of services/ amenities such as schools, clinics and public transport.

Over the next eight years, the Department plans to deliver 1 674 land use opportunities in this area, including single- and double-storey housing opportunities, community non-residential opportunities, and existing farm buildings which can be used for early childhood development (ECD) and muti-purpose centres.

Another option exists for households with an income of between R3 501 and R22 000 per month. Such households can apply for a home in this development through the First Home Finance programme, formerly known as FLISP (the Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy Programme). To apply for First Home Finance, applicants will have to find out whether they qualify and, if they do, secure the finance, conclude the offer to purchase, and obtain confirmation of finance. At that point, they can complete the subsidy application form.

Two important anchors of the Western Cape Government’s Growth for Jobs (G4J) Strategy are improving access to economic opportunities and employability and focusing on infrastructure and a connected economy.

“DOI created economic opportunities for small, micro, and medium enterprises (SMMEs) through this project, with over R4.5 million spent on local sub-contractors in Phase 1 alone,” says Gerhard Hanekom, Construction Project Manager for the Department of Infrastructure.

Provincial Minister of Infrastructure Tertuis Simmers and Premier Alan Winde attended a bricklaying event at the Ebenezer site in August 2023.

“We faced many dynamics in setting up and delivering this project. However, due to an effective and transparent partnership between the spheres of government and the community of New Horizons as well as its leadership, we were able to design and plan for a project best suited to the needs of this community,” said Minister Simmers.