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Temporary residential units in informal settlement support and upgrade programme

20 April 2020

With various engagements currently underway as it pertains to the Rapid Informal Settlement Support and Upgrade Programme, I’m pleased to announce that the Temporary Residential Units (TRU’s) will now be known as Transitional Residential Units (TRU’s).

This is quite significant, as it means the beneficiaries in the DuNoon and the Greater Kosovo informal settlements who will be identified from the City of Cape Town’s Housing Demand Database (HDD), will not return to their current homes. Instead, qualifying beneficiaries will be afforded an opportunity in one of our new units that will be built. The new units will be developed as part of the formal development process within the same footprint of the Transitional Development Area. This is to minimise further relocations.

These projects were already in the pipeline for implementation, the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the National Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitations’ request to re-block the overcrowded area, has necessitated that we immediately accelerate the upgrading process to combat the spread of the virus.

The Department has various subsidy programmes and the assessments that will be conducted with the qualifying beneficiaries will assist in determining whether someone qualifies for a Breaking New Ground (BNG)/free housing opportunity, for social housing, the Financed Linked Individual Subsidy (FLISP) or any of the other options that are available.

It is critical to note that the most vulnerable, which includes the elderly, disabled and backyard dwellers will be prioritised. Not only are we prioritising our people’s health, but we want to ensure a complete improvement in the overall condition and well-being.

We are still considering building 3-storey (see attached) TRU’s in the respective Transitional Residential Area (TRA’s). This will consist of 1 500 for DuNoon and 2 000 for the Greater Kosovo.

I’d like to commend the City of Cape Town (CoCT) for the role they’re playing, so that together, as spheres of government, we are ensuring that enough space and social distancing are created in our collective fight against COVID-19.

We have to #StopTheSpread

We’re also continuing to engage and work with the National Department of Human Settlements and Water and Sanitation, the CoCT and the Housing Development Agency.

As the Western Cape Government, we remain committed to accelerating human settlement delivery, while promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient, safe and sustainable human settlements in an open opportunity society.

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