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Good’s Brett Herron misleading public about acquisition of Racing Park

18 August 2019

Western Cape Human Settlements Minister, Tertuis Simmers, says Good Party’s Brett Herron is blatantly misleading the public in stating that the Western Cape Government (WCG) acquired the Racing Park property in Killarney Gardens at the inflated price of R64,6 million.

Minister Simmers said: “On the contrary, this is much lower than the valuation of the property. Besides Mr Herron’s misleading comments, he and his party’s rhetoric that this government ‘chose to maintain the Group Areas status quo’ [sic], is racially divisive, disingenuous and completely irresponsible.

Reckless comments such as these, seek to stir up emotions and have the potential to lead to avoidable violent protests. Not stating the facts, calls his and his entire party’s integrity into question and I will not allow blatant misinformation to be circulated in public.

Mr Herron was a MAYCO-Member in the City of Cape Town and should therefore show us where he, at any stage, expressed his displeasure at the acquisition of this piece of property. His current assertions smack of opportunism and hypocrisy.”

The facts are: 

This property is situated adjacent to the Doorenbach land, on which parts of DuNoon is located. Doorenbach is owned by the City of Cape Town, who conducted an investigation into the acquisition of the Racing Park property.

The City of Cape Town did not have the funds to acquire the property, and the previous Minister for Human Settlements agreed to purchase the property, with the City’s Councillor Xanthea Limberg agreeing to the proposal. The property was acquired through the Housing Development Agency (HDA), as the WCG has no power to acquire immovable property in terms of the Housing and Development Act.

Two evaluations were conducted through the HDA, amounting to R71 054 750 by Tashoma and R33 000 000 by Equitas respectfully. It must be noted that the Equitas evaluation includes erven 35161 – 35176 and Rem Erf 38368, but excludes Erf 35148.

The HDA acquired the 17ha Racing Park property and the deed of sale was signed on September 2018 at the market value of R64.6 million. This amount excludes transferring fees and holding costs, as well as erven 35175 and 35176, while the request for the acquisition of the two erven, Erf 35162 and 35161 still needs to be submitted by the HDA to the Department for approval.

It is estimated that 12ha of the 17ha can be developed. At a density of 100 units per ha, approximately 1200 units can be developed. However, should other amenities such as schools need to be accommodated, the residential development area will reduce, thereby reducing the number of housing opportunities. Upon the conclusion of all statutory planning processes, development can commence.

“This property is next to the Richmond Industrial Park along the N7 and the Rivergate Industrial Park, as well as close to the MyCiti bus route. This negates Mr Herron’s assertion that residents will be living ‘far from your place of work and transport.’ I’d like to advise Mr Herron to refrain from making statements that are not factual, as he is exposing his shortcomings as a leader.

As the Western Cape Government, we will continue to accelerate human settlement delivery in the Western Cape, while promoting social inclusion through the development of integrated, resilient and sustainable human settlements in an open society, added Simmers.”

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