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School admissions for 2020 close today

15 March 2019

School admissions for 2020 close today, Friday 15 March 2019. Parents had a whole month in which to prioritise their children’s applications for 2020. 

This year we piloted an online admissions system, and while the system came with some minor hiccups, I am pleased with the overall response.

Since admissions opened on the 15th February, the online admissions system has processed 192 481 applications, 73 487 of which are unique learner applications. 

These figures are set to increase significantly as many parent’s rush to complete their applications today.

The online system has sent a text message and email to those parents who did not complete their applications reminding them to complete their applications before the deadline. 

The WCED has also taken out a number of radio ad campaigns reminding parents that applications are closing today.

WCED officials will continue to assist those parents who failed to enrol their children on time. Parents will be able to submit applications on the system even after the 15th March, but it will be marked as a LATE APPLICATION.

I urge all parents wanting to enrol their child in a school for the 2020 school year to do so today. This is particularly for learners applying for admission into Grade R, Grade 1 and Grade 8. 

It is important that the WCED is made aware of how many applications have been received so that we can plan, in advance, where additional resources such as school infrastructure and teachers are required. 

We also want to assist as many parents as possible whose children do not get accepted during this period, to find a school.

Schools are to inform parents of the outcome of their applications by 10 May 2019. Parents have just 10 days to confirm acceptance at the school of their choice, or decline other options that have been accepted, ie by the 20th of May 2019.

We would like to ensure that as many places are filled by the third term and appeal to parents to assist us in assisting you to make the 2020 enrolment process as swift and efficient as possible so that we can have a positive start to the school year. 

There are a few points for parents to note in terms of admissions:

  • The SGB of the school is responsible for the admissions policy of that particular school, not the WCED. Therefore, a school can determine certain criteria that are in line with the law, which could benefit some learner admissions over others – such as sibling preference.
  •  Applying at a school does not guarantee acceptance and the WCED has been very clear in all its communication that parents must apply at more than one school. It is quite surprising how many parents only apply at one school each year.
  • The proximity to a school does not always guarantee placement. Living 50m from a school or 50 km cannot guarantee placement. Some schools factor proximity in their admissions policies, but it is rarely the sole criterion, if it is a criterion at all.
  • ·Some schools receive five times the number of applications than the places they have available. Therefore they cannot satisfy the needs of everyone who applies. So naturally some parents will be disappointed. 
  • The Constitutional Court judgment of FEDSAS vs Gauteng MEC in relation to feeder zones does not apply to the Western Cape as it related specifically to Regulations in Gauteng. Feeder zones may, however, form part of a school’s criteria for admissions, as determined by the School Governing Body.

Parents who require assistance with admissions should contact the relevant District Office. Please see below list of the official in charge of admissions at each district.


Cape Winelands District
John Goliath
Tel: 023 348 6000 | 023 348 4604


Eden & Central Karoo District
Albie Ellman
Tel: 044 803 8300 | 044 803 8309


Metro Central District
Brenda Robertson
Tel: 021 514 6700 | 021 514 6721


Metro East District
Eric Magodla
Tel: 021 900 7173 | 021 900 7203


Metro North District
Leon Rutgers
Tel: 021 938 3000 | 021 938 3004


Metro South District
Reginald Dreyer
Tel: 021 374 4107


Overberg District 
Japie Bailey
Tel: 028 214 7300 | 028 214 7379


West Coast District
Anlerie Truter
Tel: 021 860 1200 | 021 860 1206


WCED Call Centre: 0861 923 322 (If you are unsure of which district to approach)

Parents are encouraged to visit the section on the Website called “Frequently Asked Questions – Learner Enrolments” for more information. (

Media Enquiries: 

Jessica Shelver
Tel: 021 483 6570
Cell: 076 175 0663