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Closure of Bonnytoun

11 March 2010

The Department of Social Development has a strategic mandate to fulfill. This being that we will contribute to the War on Crime, by reducing the number of trial awaiting youth through the expansion of diversion options, and strengthening substance abuse services. However, it must be noted, that we cannot simply focus on reducing the amount of trial awaiting youths, without ensuring that those in our care, are not correctly taken care of.

We provide secure care centres for children, under the age of 18yrs, who are awaiting trial. Children referred to these facilities have been assessed by a probation officer and found to need a restrictive placement. These facilities provide a safe and caring environment for young people, while they await trial and finalisation of their court cases.

The decision to move Bonnytoun was based on the poor condition of the existing building. It is not financially viable to renovate the building to the standard required. The facility will be moved to premises in Kraaifontein, which will provide a suitable environment to provide an excellent standard of secure care service for trial awaiting youth. Facilities for skills training and educational development will be provided at the new premises.

The entire move should be finalised by June 2010, and further to that we have ensured that there will be no reduction in capacity.

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