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DSD and partners unpack the National Drug Master Plan

3 October 2023

Today, 3 October 2023, the Provincial Department of Social Development in partnership with the Central Drug Authority, Provincial Substance Abuse Forum and Local Drug Action Committees met to unpack the National Drug Master Plan 2019 – 2024 (NDMP).

With the theme of the dialogue being “Towards sustainable, coordinated and impactful strategies for national drug and substance use in South Africa” the provincial dialogue in the form of hybrid sessions across the Western Cape, is aimed at providing inputs into the 3rd Summit of the Central Drug Authority taking place in November 2023.

Western Cape Minister of Social Development, Sharna Fernandez, who delivered a keynote address, said: “I am hopeful all the engagements today will be geared towards just that: finding sustainable, coordinated and impactful strategies to address drug and substance abuse. If we are dedicated to that purpose, then today will be a success.”

Substance abuse contributes to crime, gender-based violence, domestic abuse, and unemployment in communities.

The provision of substance use disorder treatment services thus remains one of the key priorities for the Western Cape Department of Social Development.

The Department – through its Substance Abuse, Prevention and Rehabilitation programme, Provincial Substance Abuse Forum, and Local Drug Action Committees (LDACs) – has been implementing integrated services that give effect to the NDMP.

The Department has allocated R108.8 million to the Substance Abuse programme for the 2023/2024 financial year. The programme provides support to six in-patient treatment centres; various community based-organisations that provide different SUD services; seven organisations that provides services at high-risk schools.

The department further provides treatment programmes at six Child and Youth Care Centres; and operates two inpatient treatment centres in Kensington and Worcester.  

Since the 2013/14 financial year, the Department has provided a range of SUD services to 113 121 residents.

The Department registers, monitors and evaluates the various funded organisations working in this field and our regional offices work with funded organisations and LDACs, providing support and the necessary SUD services in communities.

Minister Fernandez emphasized the importance of LDACs as platforms to engage local stakeholders and map service needs to address substance abuse. These committees are excellent vehicles to give effect to the NDMP in municipalities. Various spheres of government and society are collaborating, sharing the load, to ensure those battling with substance use disorders find the help they need and that awareness is raised.

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