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Minister Plato requests progress on the Mafevuka and Blöchliger investigations

14 March 2016

Statement by Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

As part of my oversight mandate over policing in the province, I have requested an update from the Provincial Police Commissioner on the progress of investigations into the murders of Sinoxolo Mafevuka and Franziska Blöchliger.

I have also requested feedback on what the police are doing about allegations that these 2 investigations have not received equal priority and resources from the South African Police Service (SAPS). 

I am deeply concerned about the politicisation of the deaths of these two young women as it has the divisive potential to deepen the breakdown in the relationship between the police and communities.

Politicising crime tarnishes the amazing work done under difficult circumstances by our men and women in blue in Khayelitsha. Trust between communities and SAPS is necessary for ensuring that witnesses come forward with testimonies that support an investigation.

I will be visiting the family of Sinoxolo Mafevuka this evening. Every victim of crime deserves to know that their case will receive the attention and investigation it deserves. Should there be any discrepancy in the SAPS response to this case relative to others, then consequences will need to follow.

Any allegation of the police not providing the high standard of service delivery that every citizen deserves cannot be left unattended. 

SAPS needs to responds to these allegations with integrity and facts. This is necessary for us to return to the real issue that warrants being at the centre of a public outcry: the prevalence of crime committed against women and youth, especially crimes of a sexual nature.

It is important for the public to note that in the Tokai incident, factors were present – such as suitable evidence, a trackable cell phone and witnesses to provide clear information to the SAPS – to allow for a quick arrest.

In the Khayelitsha incident none of these factors seems to have been present. This complicates the investigation and subsequently the time it takes before an arrest is possible. Where police have to rely on forensic evidence, timely arrests will be dependent on timeframes of forensic processes.

In many other incidents of murder and rape in Khayelitsha, where sufficient evidence and witness accounts are present, similar speedy arrests have been possible.

We all need to play our part to ensure that all victims of crime receive justice.

Every community should assist the police in their investigations and rally in support of victims and their family.

To this end, I applaud the generous offer by Integrity Labs who has made a R50 000 reward available for any information which could lead to the arrest of those responsible for the murder of Sinoxolo Mafevuka.

Regardless of whether a reward is available, information from community members often plays an integral part in assisting  the police in  their investigations and ensuring arrests are made.

We need to all work together to ensure that no person, in any community, is subject to the level of violence, brutality and injustice which both Sinoxolo Mafevuka and Franziska Blöchliger had to endure.

The safety of every child, daughter and woman is the responsibility of every person in this province. I know that, if we focus on the right areas and all play our part, we will not fail in our shared responsibility.


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