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#CommitToFinish: Minister Schäfer wishes Western Cape matrics the best of luck

4 November 2020

I want to wish all our 2020 matrics the very best for your final exams which begin tomorrow.  I know this year has been unusual and unsettling, but I have absolute confidence in your resilience and ability to succeed.  You have had a lot of help and worked hard, and we are rooting for you.  Good Luck! 

I also appeal to all the residents of our province to avoid disrupting the exams in any fashion. Each year we face challenges due to community unrest or transport disputes, and this creates unnecessary anxiety for our learners and sometimes prevents them from writing an exam entirely.

With such a large group of learners writing at once, it is vital that no unnecessary disruptions occur. Our matrics are already going to have to cope with some unusual safety measures because of Covid-19, and will understandably be nervous as a result. We cannot afford to cause them any additional anxiety.

While I understand that so many of our province’s residents are struggling at present, and that the pandemic and lockdown has hit us hard, our matrics are not to blame for this, and should not have to suffer for it. 

Our learners have committed to finishing their exams, and the WCED and school staff members have committed to supporting them. I call on all residents together, as a province, to commit to ensuring that we do everything possible to keep our matrics safe, motivated and in the best possible state of mind to write the exams.

You will thank yourself later.

Media Enquiries: 

Kerry Mauchline
Spokesperson to Minister Debbie Schäfer
Western Cape Ministry of Education