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Veterinary Import Permits Required to Import Namibian Animal Products

3 April 2007
The dispensation for the importation of meat for own use (including venison and meat from domestic species, excluding meat from wild and domestic pigs) has been amended, because it has been abused in the past. Animal products imported for own use may not be sold or disposed of in any other way.

From 15 May 2007, a veterinary import permit will be required for the importation of more than 25kg of meat or 10kg of biltong and dried sausage. More than 250kg of meat or 100kg of biltong and dried sausage is not regarded as importation for own use and the importer will have to comply with the requirements for commercial importation.

A South African veterinary import permit is required for all products derived from wild or domesticated pigs. Permits for these products will be considered on an individual basis and might not be granted.

Veterinary import permits must be obtained from the permit office of the Directorate Animal Health.
Tel: 012 319 7514 / 7632 / 7503 / 7414
Fax: 012 329 8292 / 319 7491

Issued by:
Priscilla Tsotso Sehoole
Chief of Communications
Department of Agriculture
Tel: 012 319 7317
Fax: 012 319 7858
Cell: 083 452 5743

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