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Outcomes of regular Western Cape Government Cabinet meeting

23 March 2024

Media Release: Outcomes of regular Western Cape Government Cabinet meeting

Premier Alan Winde chaired a regular meeting of the Western Cape Government (WCG) Cabinet this week.

Among the key matters discussed included:

The Port of Cape Town

Cabinet received an update on efforts to ensure the efficient management of the Port of Cape Town (PoCT) following the annual Port Dialogue, held on 13 February 2024.

Cabinet noted a slight stabilisation in operations at the PoCT, particularly in clearing the backlog in fruit exports. However, the port is still unable to manage cargo volumes during peak export season. “This remains a serious concern. The WCG must keep applying pressure on Transnet to fix the PoCT,” the Premier stressed. He added, “Private sector investment must be enabled for the port to reach its full potential as a critical economic hub that powers growth and job creation in our province.”

Cabinet also noted that work is under way to upgrade the port logistics digital planning dashboard.

Dysfunctional municipalities

Cabinet was briefed on the situation at several municipalities that have been struggling to deliver basic essential services to citizens.

“The frustration for many our residents is that the process of stabilising a municipality and returning it to good governance is a lengthy one, and the Constitution is very clear: we are separate and independent spheres of government – of course we work together but ultimately the municipality is responsible for getting its affairs in order. I want to reassure our residents, there are ways in which we as the provincial government can intervene and support and we are following all of those processes meticulously, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the political representatives that residents elected to run their municipality,” said Premier Winde.

Knysna Municipality was singled out as of particular concern. The provincial government has conducted ongoing interventions to help stabilise the municipality. Earlier this month the Knysna Council adopted the Diagnostic Assessment and Support Plan drafted by the WCG. The Premier emphasised that the Council must put the residents first and urgently implement the proposed measures and that the provincial government will monitor this process carefully to ensure that those are implemented and if not take the necessary action.

Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell, stated that the WCG will “Keep fighting this fight” to help, not just Knynsa but all struggling municipalities.

Premier Winde continued, “We are closely monitoring all these municipalities. Our residents deserve and have a right to quality services, and where there are impediments to our local governments fulfilling this mandate, we must be step in, through the correct processes.”

He urged these municipalities to get their affairs in order.

Western Cape business confidence increases

Cabinet welcomed the results of the RMB/BER Business Confidence Index (BCI) for the Western Cape which showed that in the first quarter of 2024, the province continued its upward momentum, coming in at 40 points. This is comfortably above the national average of 30 points, which has been trending downwards.