Premier welcomes over 63% of 60+ having received at least 1 dose of vaccine | Western Cape Government


Premier welcomes over 63% of 60+ having received at least 1 dose of vaccine

25 August 2021

To date, the Western Cape Government, through the Provincial Department of Health, has administered at least 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to over 63% of all residents over 60.

Two thirds or 67% of all residents over 60 are now registered for their vaccine in the Western Cape, with 92.1% of those registered having received one dose.

I welcome the vaccine uptake among this age group, and I want to thank those who are 60 years and older for playing their part in protecting yourself from severe COVID-19 related illness and death. 

While this percentage is promising, it is not yet higher enough. If we are to prevent deaths during a potential fourth wave, we need to get as many people in the over 60 age group vaccinated as soon as possible. If you have not yet received a first dose, please walk-in to your closest site as soon as possible.

The other age group which is at higher risk of severe disease are those in 50 to 59 age group. Unfortunately, the number is not where it needs to be. Of all residents in the 50 to 59-year-old band, only 48.1% have registered on the EVDS to date.  

By 12 August 2021, it had been calculated that during the third wave those aged 50 years and older accounted for 68% of admissions and 87% of deaths respectively. This confirms that these residents remain one of the most vulnerable groups to suffer severe illness and death and will continue to be those who require the most support from the healthcare system.

Should you be 50 years and older, please do not wait.  Please visit your vaccine site where you will be prioritised as a walk-in to get your vaccine. If you have not yet registered, we will register you at the site. 

To those of you who have already been vaccinated, I encourage you to act as vaccine ambassadors in your community. Tell your friends and family, who have not yet been vaccinated, about your positive experience so that they too can protect themselves and their loved ones.