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Private Residential Facilities for Older Persons Must be Registered

5 March 2012
The Western Cape Department of Social Development is committed to ensuring, protecting and promoting the rights and wellbeing of older persons. This particular group in our communities is often the most vulnerable and at risk of being ill-treated. This must be prevented at all times.

The Older Persons Act, No 13 of 2006, which came into operation on 1 April 2010, prescribes that all residential facilities for older persons must be registered with the Department of Social Development. This allows us to firstly be aware of which facilities are being operated, where and by whom. It also gives us the opportunity to engage with these private facilities to ensure that all older persons benefit from the safety net provided by the Western Cape Government.

To this extent, our officials will do regular monitoring of the services being rendered so that we can be sure that the rights of older persons are protected at all facilities.

The act defines a residential facility as a building or other structure used primarily for purposes of providing accommodation and a 24-hour service to older persons.

The following facilities need to apply for registration:

  • Residential facilities not funded by this department and rendering accommodation and 24-hour care and services to older persons.
  • Facilities where older persons or frail older persons are cared for or accommodated, such as boarding houses, shelters and even private homes.
  • Retirement villages that render care and services to older persons in a sickbay.

I want to invite both individuals and organisations to submit the name of their establishment, along with full contact details, to or to Department of Social Development, Private Bag X9112, Cape Town 8000.

Residential facilities already funded by this department do not need to submit their contact details as we are well aware of their services.

It is now unlawful for any facility rendering services as outlined above to operate without being registered. As a government, we cannot provide all the services needed for older persons. That is why we partner with the private sector and NGO sector to ensure that we care for our older persons better together.

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