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Goodwood Neonaticide: Department condemns brutal murder of newborn

25 August 2017

The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) will assist the police in their investigation of an neonaticide (intentional killing of a baby within first 28 days of life), after the body of a newborn baby was found in a plastic bag and left on the streets in Goodwood.

The bag concealed the bloodied and crushed body dumped onto the street by a woman who had just given birth to the baby, according to eyewitnesses.

We condemn this brutal murder and the alleged circumstances of this incident in the strongest terms possible. That the alleged murderer could be the mother of the baby, is most disturbing.

As the custodians of the Children’s Act of 2005, we will render any assistance required by the police in tracking down the alleged killer.

We continue to appeal to expectant mothers and fathers, and parents of newborn children, to approach our social workers for assistance and family planning interventions. This service is available to anyone who may be experiencing emotional or physical difficulty in raising their child.

Ensuring the safety and care of children requires a whole-of-society approach. Child protection is everybody’s responsibility. If you see something, say something. Residents must report any abandoned, abused, neglected or missing children to the police or to the DSD Hotline on 0800 220 250.

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