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Dreamworld Film Complex Decision

4 April 2006
Minister of Environment, Planning and Economic Development, Tasneem Essop announced that the Dreamworld film studio complex application had been approved with a variation of decision and conditions.

The Dreamworld Record of Decision (RoD) was appealed by the Wildlife and Environmental Society of SA (WESSA) and CapeNature.

Minister Essop, as the appeals authority in the Province held a site inspection and an appeal hearing on February 6, where all sides were able to place their positions and concerns on the table.

One of the main concerns had been the impact on the wetlands, in terms of which wetlands of high significance would have been lost. The appeal decision, made by Minister Essop alleviates this concern as the overall impact on the wetlands has been substantially reduced.

In authorising this significant development, mitigation measures will be put in place and will include appropriate buffering, the compilation of environmental management plans for both the construction and operation phases of the development and the creation of an environmental monitoring committee.

An additional condition of the decision is an offset amount of R1 840 000 to a fund to be established by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and CapeNature. These funds will be used for conservation purposes such as the Working for Wetlands programmes, biodiversity management and other conservation initiatives related to wetlands.

"I believe that in making this decision we have found a win-win solution for all parties concerned including the broader interests of all the people in the Western Cape Province. Our Bill of Rights says that we have to prevent pollution and ecological degradation, promote conservation and secure ecological sustainable development and use of natural resources while promoting justifiable economic and social development.

This decision reflects both the principals of the Bill of Rights and the implementation of the Sustainable Development triple bottom line approach which obliges decision makers to consider economic development, social equity and environmental integrity. We have achieved these objectives.

"We have protected the critical wetland, promoted, through this development that 8 000 direct jobs will be created and the location of the film studio itself places critical economic infrastructure in a previously neglected and poverty stricken node. The benefits should accrue to the communities surrounding the development. The economic benefits spelt out here does not include the downstream opportunities that will be created in the value chain of the film industry," Minister Essop said.

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