WC comes out on top on building plans passed and completed for third month | Western Cape Government

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WC comes out on top on building plans passed and completed for third month

21 October 2022

Between January and August 2022, the value of buildings completed in the Western Cape was R19.6 billion, representing a year-on-year growth rate of 42.1%, compared to R13.2 billion in Gauteng, with a year-on-year growth rate of 8.7%.

Over the same period, the value of building plans passed in the province totalled R24.29 bn, representing a year-on-year growth rate of 25.2%, compared to R23.3 billion in Gauteng, with a negative year-on-year growth rate of -1.9%.

Building plans passed and completed is a leading economic indicator, which signals confidence in the provincial economy. Buildings plans passed also bodes well for the construction industry and the jobs it supports down the line.

This is the third month in a row in which the Western Cape has outperformed the country’s largest economy, Gauteng, in both the value of buildings passed and completed.

This is according to Statistics South Africa’s ‘Selected building statistics of the private sector as reported by local government institutions’ report, released on 20 October 2022.


Building Plans Passed

Value Jan – August 2022

Building Plans Passed

% increase/decrease Jan – August 2022

Buildings Completed

Value Jan – August 2022

Buildings Completed

% increase/decrease Jan – August 2022

Western Cape

R24.29 billion


R19.67 billion



R23.3 billion


R13.21 billion



R13.9 billion


R6.75 billion


Eastern Cape

R4.9 billion


R2.02 billion



R3.4 billion


R0.87 billion


North West

R2.6 billion


R1.28 billion



R1.9 billion


R0.72 billion


Northern Cape

R1.0 billion


R0.55 billion


Free State

R1.5 billion


R0.47 billion



This continued positive trend is very welcome and the Western Cape Government is committed to ensuring that it continues by focussing on substantially increasing fixed investment in the province with an emphasis on social infrastructure investments.

We will do this so we can achieve the break-out economic growth we need to support private sector-led job creation which can lift people out of poverty.

Media Enquiries: 

Georgina Maree

Spokesperson for the Provincial Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities

(Responsible for the Provincial Treasury and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism)

Cell: 076 423 7541

Email: georgina.maree@westerncape.gov.za