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Avian influenza update

7 December 2017

There have been no new avian influenza infections in the Western Cape.

The last case in the province was confirmed on 31 October 2017.

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said the last new infection at a commercial poultry farm was 18 October.

There are currently 68 confirmed cases of HPAI in the Western Cape.

The number of culled poultry remains unchanged.

To date, 2.8 million poultry have died or been culled. This includes:

  • 2.64 million layer chickens
  • 121 000 broiler breeder chickens
  • 32 671 ducks

“New infections have been on a  steady decline since the middle of October, and it’s encouraging to see this trend continue.”

“Poultry farms can be declared officially free of HPAI, 42 days after the first effective disinfection. Once the property is declared HPAI free, the quarantine can be lifted. Before this no birds or products may be permitted to leave or enter the property. Vets are working closely with these farms.”

Since the start of the HPAI outbreak, regular updates have been released. In the past month, the infection rate has slowed dramatically and updates will only be sent when there are new developments. 

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