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The Western Cape Treasury supports WeCan24-project

24 June 2015

The Western Cape Treasury, the Department of Education and the Department of Social Development gave their support to Media24’s WeCan24 project aimed at developing the youth of South Africa.

The project is focused on training curious young people with integrity to ensure the future of school news in an innovative digital era. WeCan24 is a must for school children who love language, collecting information, reading, writing, taking photographs or videos, or just like visiting social media sites. Through this project a new generation of journalists, writers, photographers, designers, graphic artists, videographers, editors and publishers are learning the ropes regarding the do’s and don'ts of digital journalism. Learners are further encouraged to write articles in their mother tongue.

Dr. Ivan Meyer, Western Cape Minister of Finance, said during the launch at Media24's offices in Cape Town how excited he is about the WeCan24 project. According to him it will make a huge contribution to what he called "cultural warmth". “Cultural warmth is the creation of space for other cultures to inspire, not criticise, respect not label, value not eliminate and dignify not diminish. Cultural warmth is generated when we stand back for a moment and make room for other cultures – your culture, my culture, our heritage” said Meyer.

The project works like this: WeCan24, available at, is an online platform where school newspapers publish news, photos and videos. Communities have access to the stories via mobile phones, tablets and computers. Like mainstream media, the WeCan24 project can inform entertainment, and educate communities and bring people together. This project gives a voice to young journalists.
SABC2 news reader, Ivor Price is one of the former school newspaper project achievers who sharpened his journalistic skills. Price said: "The school newspaper project at a young age gave me exposure and access to journalism. It was a life-changing experience that led to unique opportunities where I could prove myself."
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