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"Great Successes in Traffic Law Enforcement" Says MEC Max

19 January 2010

It is with pride that Adv. Lennit Max, Minister of Community Safety, today announced various successes achieved by Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement Operations during the Festive Season.

During the period 01 December 2009 up to 15 January 2010, 172, 841 motor vehicles were stopped; 21, 329 fines issued; 388 arrests effected; 8, 288 vehicles searched; 23, 544 speed fines issued; 344 vehicles impounded; 20, 734 alcohol screenings executed; 364 vehicles discontinued and 2, 030 overloading fines issued.

Minister Max reiterates that no money from fines issues comes to Provincial Traffic, but is allocated to the Municipal district in which the fine was issued.

These duties were performed mainly by 146 Provincial Traffic officers deployed on a 24-hour basis (2 shifts) who were assisted in some instances by officers from SAPS. Minister Max expresses his gratitude to all the officers who sacrificed the time and effort to assist in order for most road users to enjoy a safe journey.

"These operations will continue on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our provincial roads" says Max. He further stated that traffic law enforcement will remain on high alert to ensure that all road-users get Safely Home.

Adv. LH Max
Minister of Community Safety