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Community Safety held Policing Needs and Priorities engagement: Cape Metro West

6 February 2023

The Department of Community Safety has hosted a series of Rural Safety Summits and Policing Needs and Priorities engagements across the province. On 03 February 2023 the department concluded its Policing Needs and Priorities (PNP) process by hosting the City of Cape Town for the South African Police Services (SAPS) Metro West area.

The safety and security of all communities in the province is a priority of the Western Cape Government (WCG). To build on this strategic goal, the Department of Community Safety engaged with local safety stakeholders from various districts across the province to build upon existing partnerships and together work towards improving the wellness and safety of communities in district and local municipalities. 

The PNP Safety Summit addressed: 

• Policing and Law Enforcement; 

• Social Cohesion/Violence Prevention; 

• Safe Spaces/urban Design.

Some of the key outcomes in terms of safety in the Cape Metro West include to:

• Identify safety challenges and improve policing and law enforcement effectiveness and coordination;

• Prioritise and strengthen social protection factors against violence;

• Review current interventions and improve safety infrastructure in public space.

Mr Yul Coleman, Assistant Chief: LEAP from the City of Cape Town presented an overview of the Law Enforcement Advancement Programme (LEAP) Deployment Strategy, Volunteer Programme. LEAP is funded by the Western Cape Government. The programme aims to reduce serious violent crime, with a focus on:

• Confiscation of unlicensed firearms and ammunition 

• Confiscation of illicit dependence producing substances (Drugs);

• Enforcement of Liquor By-Law (Regulations) and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Brigadier Damoyi, Deputy District SAPS Commissioner on behalf of Major General Beaton (SAPS City of Cape Town District Commissioner) presented the 5-year crime overview and identified the priority crimes in West Sub-District which include:

• Murder

• Attempted murder

• Robbery aggravated – including trio crimes

• Gender based violence

SAPS also presented its action steps to address crime in the sub district which included amongst others:

• High density operations, roadblocks and vehicle control points;

• Drug operations and searches at premises related to illicit drugs;

• Executing of search warrants, stop and search operations and tracing of wanted persons, etc.

Various stakeholders formed part of the Cape Metro West PNP engagement. All spheres of government were represented. State entities present included the Department of Community Safety, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Correctional Services, the Department of Social Development, Department of Health, the Western Cape Police Ombudsman, the City of Cape Town, LEAP and various role-players from the Cape Metro West District, private security; Community Police Forums (CPFs) in the district; and neighbourhood watch structures. The SAPS, being a key partner, was also well represented. 

Minister Reagen Allen said, “Now that all the policing needs and priorities safety summits have been concluded, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who formed part of the summits throughout the province. It has been encouraging to note how well all the summits have been attended and the insightful input and contributions that were made.

SAPS, Law Enforcement, Community Police Forums (CPFs), Neighbourhood Watches (NHWs), and Farm Watches (FW), the business sector, NGOs and all other role-players should be commended for the manner in which they conducted themselves during these events. As echoed by all concerned, it is important that we support one another, as it is only through cooperation and collaboration that we will be impactful in the fight against crime”.

The quality input that we have received, allows us now to compile a report which will be presented to national government. Given the needs identified, the National Government will not have a choice, but to provide us with the relevant and required resources. The status quo cannot remain, and as the Western Cape Government we will continue to advocate and lobby for increased support and resources to our province for our citizens.”

The Department will continue to render its services and impact lives to the best of its ability and is committed to creating a Safer Province FOR YOU

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