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LEAP Officers intercept prison contraband In joint-SAPS operation

11 May 2021

In a joint operation with SAPS, Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) Officers conducted an operation at the Khayelitsha Court cells in search of cell phones and other prohibited items. 

Amongst the items found were three parcels of dagga; 344 mandrax tablets, three bags of tik and six SIM cards. The contraband was all sealed in forensic bags and booked in with SAPS.

Minister Fritz said, “the interception of the contraband, in this joint operation with SAPS, is very good news. We see that our LEAP officers are making a significant contribution in supporting the work of SAPS. If you think about it, out of searching a few people in cells, 344 mandrax tablets are found. That means there were very little controls. But not anymore. We are sending criminals back to the drawing board.”

In a separate incident, while on patrol on Tuesday evening in Delft, LEAP officers saw and confronted a suspicious individual. Upon investigation, they discovered a loaded revolver in front of his abdomen, the serial number of which having been removed. The suspect was arrested for being in possession of a prohibited firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

Minister Fritz continued, “the discovery of this prohibited firearm is a significant success. I’ve said it before: when our officers confiscate an illegal firearm, they avert an unknown number of crimes. The proliferation of illegal firearms is a major problem in the Western Cape, but every confiscation is a step towards solving precisely that problem.”

For the week 26 April to 2 May 2021, consolidated LEAP successes include the confiscation of a 4-pound hammer, a 5-pound hammer, a concrete chisel and a crowbar. A total of 3830 persons were searched, 287 vehicles were searched; 32 arrests were made for possession of drugs; 18 for possession of dangerous weapons, and; 4 for other offences. 

Minister Fritz continued, “if somebody is caught with tools: hammers, a chisel, a crowbar; it means they have now debilitated somebody who was otherwise working or even self-employed, and in the process, they have robbed a household of an income. These are the real, concrete effects of crime. It doesn’t build up, it breaks down.”

Minister Fritz concluded, ”I am informed that 45 joint operations were conducted with SAPS. This is a clear indication of increasing levels of cooperation between SAPS and Law Enforcement at an operational level. And if you look at the figures, things are really gaining momentum. In tandem with our Violence Prevention strategies in our Provincial Recovery Plan, I am very optimistic that we will see an increase in safety in our province in the near future. I want to thank SAPS and the City of Cape Town, and especially our LEAP Officers, for the excellent work they are doing.”

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