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Community Policing Forum AGMs to get the green light

7 February 2020

Yesterday, the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, met with the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Yolisa Matakata, and the Chair of CPF Board, Francina Lucas, to discuss the continuation of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) electoral Annual General Meetings (AGM). It was agreed that the Provincial Commissioner would withdraw the moratorium currently placed on the CPF electoral AGMs.

The lifting of the moratorium and the continuation of the CPF electoral AGMs are subject to the elections being officiated by both a representative from the Department of Community Safety (DOCS) and the SAPS Station Commander (or her/his representative). AGMs which take place without the Station Commander and a DOCS representative will be invalid, impacting on the CPFs’ eligibility to receive funding from DOCS.

Minister Fritz said, “I am pleased with the outcome of the meeting and note that my Department has adhered to protocol by writing to the Provincial Commissioner to request that the moratorium be lifted. In turn, the Provincial Commissioner has agreed that she will issue formal correspondence communicating that the moratorium has indeed been lifted. This will pave the way for CPFs to conclude their AGMs by 31 March 2020.”

Minister Fritz added, “It is essential that AGMs be conducted in a spirit of inclusivity. All community based organisations, including religious bodies and Neighbourhood Watch structures, in the area should feel included. Where there are disputes regarding voting rights, the Station Commander shall, in consultation with DOCS, attempt to find an amicable resolution. If this is not possible, the AGM shall be suspended and the matter will be escalated to the office of the Provincial Commissioner and the Head of Department for Community Safety.”

“I look forward to the swift conclusion of CPF electoral AGMs. It is essential that elections be conducted in a free and fair manner. Each electoral AGM will be followed by written confirmation of the outcome which must be co-signed by SAPS and DOCS. Upon conclusion of the elections at station level, we will proceed with CPF district and/or provincial Board level electoral AGMs,” said Minister Fritz.

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