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Minister Fritz extends support to Tygerdal safety stakeholders

22 January 2020

Yesterday, the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, met with the safety stakeholders of Tygerdal and the broader community to discuss and resolve issues faced. Minister Fritz committed to working closer with the community to address issues including a lack of resources for Neighbourhood Watches and increasing the presence of the law enforcement. 

Safety Stakeholders included various Neighbourhood Watch Structures and Community Policing Forums. Representatives from the Glenwood, Goodwood, Monte Vista and Tygerdal Neighbourhood Watches were present to form strategic partnerships.

Minister Fritz said, “Going forward, I will facilitate discussions between these safety stakeholders and law enforcement, SAPS and private companies to address safety concerns in the area. I will also deploy an official from the Department of Community Safety to further address the issues outlined by the various Neighbourhood Watch Chairpersons.”

“I look forward to having further such engagements with Neighbourhood Watch structures and Community Policing Forums in the Metro and in rural communities,” added Minister Fritz.

Minister Fritz said, “Those who volunteer in our Neighbourhood Watches and Community Policing Forums contribute significantly to their communities, and I wish to recognise them for their invaluable work. I understand that many do not join these institutions because they want to, but rather because they feel a strong need to protect their communities. For that, I sincerely thank you.”

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