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Observe Road Rules and Exercise Patience during Bad Weather Conditions

3 June 2013

Media Release by Kenny Africa, Western Cape Government Traffic Chief Department of Community Safety

Having witnessed a number of avoidable incidents over this past weekend I would once again like to remind motorists to drive with extreme caution while the cold front moves across the Western Cape.

Despite heavy downpours, hail and gale force winds we still recorded motorists at speeds of up to 175km/h in a 100km zone. This is not only reckless and irresponsible, it is criminal, and control of a vehicle at this speed in the current wet road conditions can be lost in an instant resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

The Western Cape Traffic Services also arrested 10 motorists for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The worst offender, arrested in Oudtshoorn, had a breath alcohol reading that was four times over the legal limit of 0.24mg/100ml.

The Western Cape Government has placed traffic officers on high alert and we urge motorists to exercise caution on our roads, to buckle up, keep headlights on, maintain a safe following distance, observe the rules of the road, and most importantly, be patient. We can make our roads safer, together.

Media Enquiries: 

Kenny Africa
Western Cape Government Traffic Chief
Cell: 084 562 4574

Greg Wagner
Spokesperson for Minister Plato
Cell: 072 623 4499