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Patients Benefit from R40 000 Dis-Chem Cape Town Donation

11 April 2013

A generous donation by Dis-Chem Cape Town is giving state funding a reprieve. The pharmaceutical retailer donated R40 000 worth of hygiene products to Tygerberg Hospital.

"Many patients arrive at the hospital unexpectedly and the hospital would then be able to provide them with items such as soap, deodorants and toothpaste,’ said Laticia Pienaar, Principal Communications Officer for the hospital. ‘Parents at the bedsides of their children would also benefit because not all of them have the capacity to go home for a shower or a fresh change of clothing."

One such beneficiary is the mother of nine-month old baby girl (name withheld to protect patient’s privacy) from Wellington. The baby was rushed from Paarl Hospital over the weekend. Her mother, who was overwhelmed by the sick child, was therefore unprepared for an overnight stay in hospital.

"Thanks to donations such as these this mother can now take care of her own and her baby’s hygiene and will not have to suffer further indignity, especially since she is so far from home," Ms Pienaar said.

Maintaining good hygiene also helps patients to recover better and prevents the spread of infections.

On Thursday 11 April 2013 Dis-Chem Cape Town will give the hospital a once-off donation of soap, face cloths, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Candice Osry, Area Admin Manager of Dis-Chem said: "The Dis-Chem Foundation is privileged to have the opportunity to care for the community through the donation of essential toiletries to the Tygerberg Hospital. We hope that this donation will make the poorest people who are most in need a little more comfortable and dignified during their stay at the hospital. We are delighted to be associated with an organisation which does such good."

Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, said: "We are grateful for every contribution from the private sector. Government’s health budget simply cannot cover for all the needs of our patients. We channel our budget towards health-service delivery, and so a donation such as this from Dis-Chem is a wonderful gift. Thank you. I would like to challenge the whole health sector to make a similar contribution."

If you would like to donate to Tygerberg Hospital please contact the Public Relations/ Communications Office on 021 938 5454/5608.

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