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Opening of Carnation Ward at Lentegeur Hospital

26 June 2006
"The admission of children to a ward of the GF Jooste hospital for the first time is a historic occasion", min. Uys said today. The Carnation ward is on the premises of the Lentegeur Hospital, and can take 70 patients, of which 11 are children. All patients are referred from the casualty units at GF Jooste and Red Cross Children's Hospital.

The ward was initially opened as a step-down facility with the main purpose of relieving the overcrowding at GF Jooste Hospital, a function that is now being taken over by St Lukes on the same premises. They care for patients with illnesses such as cancer, and HIV and Aids.

Minister Uys said there was an ever increasing demand for care at District Hospital level and praised the Department for being innovative and pro - active in identifying the needs of the community.

" The Carnation ward has the potential to form core of the planned Mitchell's Plain District Hospital,and serves as a training site for family physicians with the skills to run a district hospital", he said.

A family physician has been appointed along with two medical officers to provide a 24-hour on-site medical service. The ward has received additional equipment required to comply with the equipment and consumable needs of a District Hospital. The severity of illnesses able to be treated here increased, with sicker patients now being able to receive care at the Carnation Ward and providing relief for the hard pressed GF Jooste Hospital. It is also very convenient for parents living in the Mitchell's Plain area.

"This ward enables the department to care for a wider range of patients ", said Professor Craig Keith Househam, Head of the Western Cape Provincial Department of Health. " Post surgery, paediatric and medical patients can now be admitted to this ward",Househam added.

"The ward is able to give support to the Mitchells Plain Community Health Centre and they will receive outreach and support from GF Jooste Hospital and Red Cross Children's Hospital" said Dr Giovanni Perez, Medical Superintendent at GF Jooste.

Currently there are 59 adult beds and 11 cots in the ward, also including orthopaedic beds.

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