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New Men's Health Centre now open in Fisantekraal

2 November 2023

New Men’s Health Centre now open in Fisantekraal – Western Cape Health and Wellness partners with Anova

The Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness and Anova Health Institute have partnered to launch a new men’s health service at the Fisantekraal Community Day Centre (CDC) on Thursday, 2 November 2023.

The launch of the dedicated service marks the start of Men’s Health Month in November and will see services such as free, voluntary medical male circumcision and more brought to residents doorsteps.

The launch also marked the formal opening of the Fisantekraal CDC by Western Cape Minister for Health and Wellness, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo. The facility was previously managed by the City of Cape Town.

Men’s health continues to be a challenge, with global research indicating that women are more likely to seek medical support. According to the Western Cape Burden of Disease Report from 2009 – 2016, the top five causes of death for men in the Western Cape includes:

  1. Infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis;
  2. Mental health conditions;
  3. Injuries, including road traffic injuries and violence-related injuries;
  4. Cardiovascular diseases; and
  5. Childhood diseases.

Released in 2008, the Western Cape Burden of Disease Reduction looks at the state of wellness and ill health in the province. The project also identified possible upstream interventions to prevent and reduce the burden of ill health in the Western Cape.

In men, intentional injuries have become the leading cause of early death. The increase in violence-related deaths, especially in young men, remains a concern.

This is why interventions to improve men’s health are critical. Dr Nomafrench Mbombo has encouraged all men to put their health first and to make use of healthcare services in their communities. “I am honoured be a part of this launch and to formally open these services to the community, as it will improve the access to care for many residents. Our primary healthcare facilities play a crucial role in providing comprehensive care to communities. As we begin with Men’s Health Month in November, I call on all men to prioritise their health going forward. It is easy to take one’s health for granted and not be vigilant with regular check-ups. Let us embark on a journey of living healthier lives and being aware of one’s wellbeing, as prevention is certainly better than cure.”

The need for a dedicated men’s health service in Fisantekraal was first identified by the facility’s manager, Mr Lunga Makamba. “When we took over the clinic, I picked up that only women and children were visiting the clinic. I also noticed that only our girls were accessing the youth-friendly services. I decided that if we are going to improve men’s health and reduce teenage pregnancies, we will need to find ways to get men and boys to our clinic. I started to speak to the organisations in the community and to the men to find ways to get our men together for their health. I looked for a space in the community, but we will now use a dedicated room at the clinic, which has been painted and marked as a men’s health corner. I welcome all men and boys to make use of this service. Protect your future and your families by protecting your health.”

Anova’s head of department, Dr Nelis Grobbelaar, attended the launch and said the organisation is proud to partner with the Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness. “As we embrace the month of November, it is crucial to turn our attention to an often overlooked but of utmost important matter: men’s health. Men face unique health challenges that require awareness, proactivity, and open conversations. The Health4Men programme supported by Anova Health Institute offers a valuable space for men to access healthcare and openly discuss their concerns in a safe environment. In line with providing the much-required services and support for men in the Cape Metro, the Anova Apace programme is partnering with the Department of Health and Wellness to launch a Men’s Health Centre of excellence (CoE) at Fisantekraal CDC in the Northen and Tygerberg Sub-Structure. The CoE will provide comprehensive package of care to address men’s healthcare needs. The services will include, but not be limited, to HIV testing, HIV treatment, STI screening, diabetes screening and erectile dysfunction support.”

The new service has been warmly welcome by the Fisantekraal PR ward councillor, Mr Chumani Koben. “In our black communities, with African men, there is a stigma associated with men coming out in the open about their men's health issues more especially sexual dysfunction. Men suffer in silence rather than seeking help. By having this clinic in Fisantekraal I hope that will help destigmatize most of those societal beliefs. Fisantekraal men will openly make use of the services so that they can live happily with their families.”

Comprehensive care for all men

The new service will be rendered by the medical team from the Metro Men’s Health Centre together with healthcare workers from the Fisantekraal CDC and men’s health staff employed by ANOVA.  The Metro Men’s Health Centre team will provide free medical male circumcisions by appointment.

The following services will be available to men, young and old, at no cost, from Monday – Friday, 07:00 -16:00:

  • HIV testing and counselling;
  • HIV treatment;
  • PrEP (PreExposure Prophylaxis);
  • Post exposure prophylaxis;
  • STI screening;
  • Male sexual reproductive health;
  • Prostate cancer screening;
  • TB screening;
  • Diabetes screening;
  • Hypertension screening;
  • Referral services;
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision with booking (VMMC offered once a month at the Fisantekraal CDC. Book ahead of time);
  • Erectile dysfunction counselling; and
  • Mental health support

Anova has also employed a men’s health coach who will promote the use of the new service to the Fisantekraal community.

How to make an appointment for medical male circumcision

You can easily make an appointment at the Fisantekraal CDC to access circumcision services.

Call or send a please call me to 079 530 2593 or use WhatsApp or your SMS service by sending the word “HI” between 08:00 and 15:30 from Monday to Friday. A healthcare worker will return your call to book your appointment.

This number can also be used to access care at the Metro Men’s Health Centre in Bellville. The same package of care is offered the facility at no cost. 

Accessing resources for your well-being

From youth programmes for boys to fatherhood programmes, there are various support programmes available for boys and men in our province by the Department of Social Development and other partners. These programmes also include trauma debriefing support and are free of charge. Visit to learn more about these services or speak to a healthcare worker at your clinic if you need support.

Take charge of your health today

As we mark Men’s Health Month, we encourage all men to prioritise preventative care and to seek help if you’re struggling. Preventative care means getting regular check-ups and advice from your healthcare provider to prevent or better manage illnesses or other health problems.

Visiting a nurse of doctor does not mean that you are weak. It means that you choose to live a healthy life by going for regular check-ups so that you can be there longer for your loved ones.

Early detection and preventative measures are important. Remember, your health matters!

Read more about the Western Cape Burden of Disease Report here: