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Cape Winelands COVID-19 update 18 December 2020

18 December 2020

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Cape Winelands District has surpassed the peak reached mid-June this year (1 446 active cases). There are now more than 2 338 active cases in this area and the loss of 563 people are mourned. 

The increase in numbers have a ripple effect: an increase in the need for tests, an increase in the number of healthcare workers being affected (at 14 December 34 staff in the Cape Winelands tested positive), and an increase in the pressure on laboratories, which can lead to longer waiting times for test results. The number of patients with COVID-19 who are admitted to hospitals, are also on the rise. 

Cases of COVID-19 are widespread in most of the communities in the Cape Winelands. Areas we are particularly concerned about, include Saron, Kayamandi, Bonnievale, Zweletemba, Ceres, Paarl and Worcester. On 14 December both Paarl and Worcester were among the top 20 towns in the province where active cases are the highest. 

If ever there was a time to take responsibility for our own behaviour, it is now, says Acting Director of the Cape Winelands District, Ms Surina Neethling. “We have seen how quickly COVID-19 spreads. When we behave differently, we put barriers in its way. These can be life-saving,” says Neethling. “No one is immune to COVID-19 so we should not act like we are.” 


The Department is outraged by reports of at least one incident in the Cape Winelands in the Drakenstein where pictures on social media show a large number of people gathered at a church event. Pictures show a crowd with unmasked people in close contact in an enclosed space – the ideal conditions for an event turning into a super spreader. Authorities are investigating the incident. Report instances of non-compliance to the local police or your local municipality. 

Our teams report that people who tested positive for COVID-19 have been found to go to their workplace and move around in communities. When you are in quarantine or isolation, you need to: 

1. Stay in a separate room or separate part of the house and (if possible) use a separate bathroom than other people in the house. Do not have contact with others in the house. 

2. Not leave your home. Arrange with friends/family to bring you food or medication and leave it at the door. 

If you cannot safely separate yourself from others or if you are unsure what to do, call 080 928 4102, your healthcare worker or reach out to these teams for referral to a facility where you can safely recover: 

Breede Valley: 079 477 7311 
Drakenstein: 021 877 6513 or 079 418 9067 
Langeberg: 023 626 8548 
Stellenbosch: 021 808 6100 
Witzenberg: 023 316 9600 

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