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Uitsig mom on using an isolation facility

2 October 2020

The country may be under lockdown level one, but the fight against the Coronavirus continues with quarantine and isolation facilities remaining available to use at no cost.

Uitsig mom Olivia Daniels tested positive for COVID-19 and decided to use one of the free isolation facilities. She was admitted to the to the Pinelands Quarantine and Isolation Facility. Olivia discovered that she had the virus on her birthday.

“I received my results early morning on my birthday, Wednesday, 23 September 2020. Two hours later I was transported to the Pinelands facility.”

Olivia did not want to be separated from her family, but she decided to use the facility as a safe space to recover to protect her children from COVID-19. “At first I was sad because I wanted to share my birthday with my family, but I knew it was the best decision to isolate away from them to protect them.”

The mom, aged 31, was discharged from the Pinelands facility on Friday, 2 October, and has thanked healthcare staff for their support at the facility. “I encourage everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to make use of the isolation facilities if they share a home with others who do not have COVID-19. You will feel better knowing that your loved ones are safe and protected. The Pinelands Facility has medical staff on duty in case you need medical treatment, the facility is being sanitised regularly, food is being served on time, and men and women are separated. I felt safe and cared for. I had time to rest comfortably, which you cannot do at home,” says Olivia.

After beating COVID-19, Olivia says she will focus on helping her family and loved ones remaining vigilant and following safety measures to stay safe. “We need to act responsibly and wear our masks. The virus is still out there. Wash your hands and stay away from crowds and gatherings. At level one, there is more contact with others so the risk is much higher. We must take care of ourselves even more now, and also those around us.”

While she was shocked after discovering that she had tested positive, Olivia says she’s thankful to have made it through. “I would like to thank God for using people like he used me, thank you to the doctors, nurses, cleaners, securities, as well as the patients for all the love, support and for going an extra mile. The staff are friendly and helpful. The bring love and joy into the atmosphere. You forget that you are sick and it boosted me mentally.”

Pinelands Facility manager Anci Francis says she finds joy is helping patients, like Olivia, recover from COVID-19. “What really brings me joy is the fact that the COVID-19 patients enters the facility with a positive status but leave the facility with a negative status which changed their mindset. There is joy in treating all patients without fear or prejudice.”

Anci encourages people to use isolation and quarantine facilities to protect their loved ones. “The Pinelands facility was established when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country. The facility is situated in a central place for patients to isolate and family to access. The taxi route makes it very accessible, and many patients wants to isolate here due to the good feedback from family members, friends or colleagues who previously isolated here.  They make use of the service by the referral system from Northern Tygerberg Substructure Office.”

She has urged the public to follow COVID-19 safety measures. “Be cautious and aware of the pandemic. Wear your mask and sanitise your hands properly to stop the virus keep on spreading and stay safe.”

People living in the Cape Metro can use the contacts below to make arrangements should they need to isolate.

Northern/Tygerberg subdistrict

021 815 8889 I 021 815 8892
Malinda.Ferreira@westerncape.gov.za Jerome.Samson@westerncape.gov  .za

Khayelitsha/ Eastern subdistrict

021 360 4710

Klipfontein/Mitchells Plain subdistrict

021 370 5000
Sadia.Abrahams@westerncape.za Stephanie.Fourie2@westerncape.gov .za

Southern and Western subdistrict

021 202 0900 or 021 202 0938

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