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Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre (WCRC) Celebrates International Nelson Mandela Day

24 July 2011

International Nelson Mandela Day was marked with acts of greater good in communities throughout the world with 67 minutes of volunteer service. The 67-minute initiative formed part of Nelson Mandela's birthday, which was celebrated in style at the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre (WCRC) on Monday, 18 July 2011. The WCRC staff visited the Beaconvale Frail Care Centre in Mitchell's Plain.

Approximately 32 nursing students from the WCRC Nursing School, three lecturers and selected nursing staff members of WCRC, presented the management of the centre with 13 boxes containing toiletries and non-perishables. The items were generously donated by the Nursing School learners and the WCRC staff members.

After the handing over of the gifts, the learners and staff members used the opportunity to socialise with the patients, and took over the role of the resident nursing staff by feeding the patients.

The visit was concluded by the learners and staff, moving through the building and singing a song to the residents.

About two hours were spent with the patients and the staff members of the home. The learners and the WCRC staff members thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the patients. The staff of the centre expressed their appreciation for the visit and the donations received.

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