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Western Cape Health Minister – help is available for matriculants

24 October 2017

Western Cape Health Minister, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo – help is available for matriculants

If you have a child writing matric exams during this period, it is important that you take note of any changes in your child’s behaviour. Stress, anxiety and mental illness may become pronounced during this time. Common symptoms include:

  • Problems sleeping at night.
  • Feeling as if you have lost interest in your usual activities.
  • Feeling sad or unhappy for extended periods and being unable to recover on your own.
  • Feeling scared or frightened for an extended period without a reasonable explanation for this.
  • Noticing that you are drinking too much alcohol, using drugs recently or having somebody suggest this.

There is a wide variety of public healthcare professionals, including counsellors, nursing practitioners, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, general practitioners and psychiatrists that are readily available in our facilities to help at any given time.

Dr Nomafrench Mbombo wishes all matriculants well as they being writing exams. “I remember how tough it was for me writing exams those many years ago. There was a lot of pressure to do well and move to the next level. Feeling anxious during this period is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of,” said Mbombo.

It is that pressure that leads to anxiety, depression and excessive use of alcohol for some children. “The matriculants need to be remember that these are feelings that can be managed by professionals;” added Mbombo.

Should your child experience any of the above symptoms help can be obtained through your local clinic or general practitioner who will be able to recommend specialists.  

Numbers to call when you need help:

New Beginnings Tel: 021 940 4400/ 4403

Cape Mental Health Tel: 021 447 9040

Alexandra Hospital Tel: 021 503 5000/5009

Stikland Hospital Tel: 021 940 4400/ 4403

Lentegeur Hospital Tel: 021 370 1111/1408

Valkenberg Hospital   Tel: 021 826 5788

Media Enquiries: 

Zimkhitha Mquteni
Spokesperson to the Western Cape Minister of Health, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo
Mobile: 078 0534451
Tel: 021 483 5862
Email: Zimkitha.Mquteni@westerncape.gov.za