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Eradicate measles and vaccinate your child

12 June 2017

The Western Cape Government Health facilities in the Northern Tygerberg Substructure in collaboration with the City of Cape Town and Non-Profit organisations are embarking on an effort to eradicate measles in the Substructure. This is a national campaign which will run as from 12 -30 June 2017 and is aimed at children of 5 years and under.
Nurses will visit creches and informal settlements on specific days to ensure maximum vaccination. The secret to the success of any campaign is excellent team work between parents /caregivers and local clinics or health services.   A campaign offers parents an opportunity to, with minimum effort, ensure that their child forms part of the world wild eradication of measles. 
A consent form will be sent home with your child; parents need to sign and return the form to the school. Those parents who wish to can visit their local clinic or private child care provider.
Remember: Even if your child was vaccinated during the February-March campaign and their immunisation status is up to date, they will still be given this booster shot during the visit. The professional health teams that will be visiting crèches and pre-schools can only vaccinate those children whose parents have given consent. 
All children must bring their Road to Health Booklet on the day.
Some Important facts:
Measles vaccine is safe; it is made of inactive virus and has no side effects. It only takes one child to infect a lot of people in the community. A vaccinated child will not contract the illness easily if he/she is in contact with an infected person.
Be part of the efforts to eradicate measles, vaccinate your child.
Measles Vaccination Programme:
Date             Station                Area
19/06/2017  Freedomfarm    Belhar 
19/06/2017  Appelboord       Ravensmead 
19/06/2017  Sweetups           Ravensmead 
20/06/2017  Blikkiesdorp       Delft 
26/06/2017  Malawi camp      Bishop Lavis 
26/06/2017  Sewendelaan      Bishop Lavis 
26/06/2017  Agstelaan            Bishop Lavis 
21/06/2017  TRA.5                   Delft  
21/06/2017  TRA 5.1                Delft  
22/06/2017  Tsunami              Delft  
22/06/2017  TRA 6                   Delft 
19/07/2017  Avondale             Elsies River 
19/07/2017  Gaza town           Elsies River 


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