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Treatment Action Campaign Ignored Invitation to a Discussion

10 April 2014

Following the receipt of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) memorandum on 27 March 2014, the Western Cape Minister of Health, Theuns Botha, invited the provincial coordinator, Mr Mandla Majola to meet with him on the issues raised in the memorandum. Mr Majola never replied to the invitation and the TAC continued with a march today,  in the city centre.

In the letter to Mr Majola, Minister Botha wrote: “During the previous government under ANC control, the relevant Minister at the time was not prepared to meet with the TAC. During my term of office, there has been a standing invitation to meet with me whenever the need arises. We met on several occasions due to this invitation.

“Your preference to resort now to a march to “communicate” with me is therefore met with suspicion, given the timing during the election campaign. The fact that you did not approach me for a meeting, but prefer to rather march, could be perceived as an attempt to politicise health matters.

“Our government regards the TAC as a valuable partner in our quest to achieve the Health objectives and I can only express the hope that your action would be conducted in such a manner to strengthen our successful relationship.”

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