Community House Declared a Provincial Heritage Site | Western Cape Government


Community House Declared a Provincial Heritage Site

7 May 2012

A key site of historical value in the Western Cape has been officially recognised as a provincial heritage site by Dr Ivan Meyer, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport close to Worker's Day. Seven permanent art installations in memory of people who played a significant role in the struggle were unveiled by Dr Ivan Meyer at Community House on Thursday 3 May 2012. Emotions ran high and tears rolled as families and friends witnessed this event.

It is clear that Community House in Salt River has a special place in the hearts of many people. The building was opened in 1987 and became a safe and stable refuge for activists associated with the labour movement. Tenants and activists, concerned about the lack of recognition and the deterioration of the site, embarked on a campaign to declare the building a provincial heritage site. Heritage status was granted in 2010.

Mr Andrew Hall, CEO of Heritage Western Cape (HWC), expressed his appreciation for the important role that the community is playing in the commemoration and celebration of heritage. 'They support us in doing things better together - therefore they deserve the recognition.' HWC's new plaque with the words 'Provincial Heritage Site' in isiXhosa, English and Afrikaans will be placed at the site. This event is part of on-going efforts by HWC, the Museum and the Library Services at the Department to contribute to inclusive nation-building.

According to Dr Meyer the Western Cape government understands the importance of cultural heritage sites and the official recognition of Community House demonstrates the commitment of the provincial government to redress and reconciliation.