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Minister Meyer Opens New Exhibition at Hout Bay Museum

19 September 2013

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) opened the first phase of a new exhibition at the Hout Bay Museum on Wednesday, 18 September 2013.

“Hout Bay and its People” was researched, designed and installed over two years by the DCAS Museum Service. Its aim is to promote social inclusion by presenting an inclusive history which reflects all of Hout Bay’s residents.

Visitors can now learn more about the history of the area, from the Hangberg protest over land for housing in September 2010, to the story of early European colonists, to the way the Khoekhoen (KhoiKhoi) lived. Other interesting material includes information about local indigenous trees. The next phase of the permanent exhibition will present material on Hout Bay’s fishing history.

Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport Dr Ivan Meyer said museums play an important role in communities because they have the potential to touch the lives of people. “The diverse people of Hout Bay can now feel themselves to be an integral part of the wider community, learn more about the town and its people, and experience a sense of pride. This exhibition will bring people together and become a catalyst for social inclusion and something I like to call cultural warmth.

“The history that is on display in this museum tells a moving and positive tale. This all forms part of a healing process, based on the setbacks this community faced two years ago.”

Dr Meyer is confident that this exhibition will plant the seeds of cultural warmth and unite people through the heritage slogan, Your Culture, My Culture, Our Heritage.

Museum official Mr Jerome Abrahams thanked DCAS for its contribution to making the exhibition possible. “This exhibition is significant because, for the first time, all of Hout Bay’s history and its people are now on display.”

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