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Provincial Treasury: About Us


The Western Cape Provincial Treasury’s mandate is to control and oversee the Western Cape government finances. Giving efficient supporting and sustainable public financial management to promote economic development, good governance, social progress and a rising standard of the Western cape people with the following Key Components.

Organisational Structure

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Good financial governance


To improve governance through:

Enhancing accountability and oversight;

Creating public value;

Enabling delivery of quality services through partnerships; and

Capacity building in public sector finance. 


The Provincial Treasury (PT) cherishes the following values:

Courtesy - We undertake to always be courteous to our stakeholders and co-employees by having empathy, consideration and respect for them.

Honesty and Integrity - We undertake to conduct ourselves in a professional manner by embracing truthfulness and trust; treating everyone with dignity and respect – as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Openness and Transparency - We undertake to conduct business openly through honest and meaningful consultation with stakeholders and communication of reliable information.

Prompt declaration of conflict of interest - We undertake to promptly disclose/declare and recuse ourselves from any situation in which we are in a position to exploit our official capacity for our personal benefit, directly or indirectly.

Fairness - We undertake to operate in a manner that is fair and just

Ethics - We adhere to morally acceptable standards in all that we do. We will acquaint ourselves with the ethical values, rules and regulations applicable within our workplace.

Loyalty - We commit to remain loyal to our organisational values and our colleagues within an ethical environment.

Main Services

Within the legislative context of section 18 of the PFMA and section 5 of the MFMA, the main services to be
provided by the Provincial Treasury include the following:

  • To provide efficient and effective ministerial support services.
  • To provide strategic and operational management support services.
  • To provide sound financial administrative services to the Department.

Transversally or externally:

  • To advise on the sustainability and management of provincial and municipal funding sources.
  • To improve the socio-economic impact and allocative efficiency of provincial and municipal budgets.
  • To improve the conformance, credibility, sustainability and guide and monitor the efficient implementation of the provincial budget.
  • To improve the conformance, credibility and sustainability of municipal budgets and monitor and support municipalities and municipal entities with the efficient implementation thereof.
  • To institutionalise and standardise good practice methodologies, tools and systems for efficient and effective physical infrastructure delivery and maintenance.
  • To render an effective data information management service.
  • To co-ordinate and provide financial support to transversal programmes/projects.
  • To provide policy direction and facilitating the effective and efficient management of supply chain and asset management practices.
  • To provide for the implementation, management and oversight of provincially operated financial systems and the transition to new or replacement systems.
  • To improve the understanding and application of accounting standards and financial reporting within municipalities.
  • To ensure the effective implementation of accounting practices in line with the reporting framework, prepare consolidated financial statements that reflect the financial position of the Province and prepare for financial governance reform.
  • To develop, monitor and advise on norms and standards of corporate governance.

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