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Gene Louw Traffic College 25th Anniversary

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

History of Building

Mr Gene Louw, in his capacity as Minister of Constitutional Development and Planning officially opened the Gene Louw Traffic College (GLTC) on 15 September 1989.

The then government bought a building occupied by the St Euphresis Roman Catholic School and converted it into a hospital. When the hospital was no longer needed, Provincial Traffic Services moved in and started using it as a training facility from 1988.

Changes were made to the main building and the following facilities were added:

  • Weighbridge.
  • Workshop for the radio section.
  • Test area for the testing of prospective escort vehicle drivers. 

Upgrade Costs

  • In 1988, it cost about R348 000 to convert the hospital to a college and to add the other facilities.
  • In 2011/2012 the building upgrades amounted to R10 million.
  • The testing area (pit) and K53 track is currently being upgraded with a cost of R16 million.

GLTC Building Then

GLTC then

GLTC then


GLTC Building Now



Heads of College-Past and Present

The position of Head of College (HOC) is an important one. He acts as the administrative head of the college in addition to his role as staff manager and leader.

Mr Louis Geldenhuys was the very first HOC and headed up Gene Louw Traffic College in 1989.

The 1989 management team included:

  • Head of Traffic Officer Training: Mr P De Villiers
  • Supervisor of Examiner of Driving Licence (EDL): Mr I Du Plessis
  • Supervisor of Examiner of Vehicles (EOV): Mr D North

List of HOCs in chronological order:

  1. Louis Geldenhuys
  2. Hendrik Neetling
  3. P De Villiers
  4. Aubry Smith
  5. Bruce Jansen
  6. Henry Malgas
  7. David Frost
  8. Patrick Oliver
  9. Willie van der Merwe
  10. Farrel Payne


Recognition and Awards

Staff at the college received awards for Best Education and Training Development Practitioners in 2009 at the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) Conference held in Cape Town.

Gene Louw Traffic College won big at the 2013 conference in East London collecting numerous awards:

  • Best Education and Training Development Practitioners Awards
  • Certificate of Excellence for Best Traffic Training Centre
  • Best Education and Training Development Practitioner
  • Most Innovative Idea
  • Most Promising New Facilitator
  • Going the Extra Mile
Traffic Officers Graduation Ceremony training


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