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Derpartment of Health

The Department of Health creates business opportunities through tenders in line with Preferential Procurement Policy framework act, Act 1 of 1999, whereby preference points can be claimed by Historically Disadvantaged Individuals by means of a point system. The Department spends about 30% of its budget on these small businesses in procuring of goods and services.
The Department arranges contracts for goods and services pertaining to the medical industry. The arrangement of contracts for medical consumables are mainly done at Head Office due to the transversal nature hereof. These contracts can be categorised per commodity for example cleaning materials, bandages and dressings, sutures,etc and the values may range from R500 000 to R120000 000.
Service related contracts are procured at Head Office and at the Institutions and examples hereof are Catering, Security and Cleaning. Other consumables procured at Institutions include perishable provisions and stationery.


Formal Bidding is advertised in the Government Tender Bulletin.
Informal Bidding is advertised on Tradeworld.

Mr Isaac Smith
Tel: 021 483 6094

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