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Business Regulation and Governance


Business Regulation and Governance


The purpose of the Business Regulation and Governance Programme is to ensure an equitable,socially responsible business environment in the Western Cape-through general interventions within the trading environment and through specific interventions mandated by the Constitution and national and provincial legislation and policies.

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The programme focuses on the following areas :

Support of SMMEs

In previous financial years the primary role of the OCP as far as business(including SMMEs)was concerned related to the investigation of consumer complaints lodged against such businesses. It has however become necessary for the OCP to realign itself especially in light of the Department's strategic priorities, especially with regads to the role which SMMEs can play within the arena of job creation.

Consumer Education Services

The education and information activities carried out in the previous years have shown that the OCP's activity in this area brings positive results and is recieved with great interest by consumers and entrepreneurs.

Financial Literacy education

In the aftermath of financial cries, financial literacy has been increasingly recognized as an important individual life skill in the majority of economies.

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The content on this page was last updated on 18 October 2022