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Department of the Premier: About Us

Western Cape Walk-in CentreThe Department of the Premier is responsible for providing support to the Western Cape Government.

Its functions include:

  • providing a support service to the Premier;
  • rendering professional support services to other departments and coordinating specific provincial affairs;
  • providing corporate services to the Western Cape Government;
  • rendering legal services to the Western Cape Government; and
  • offering specific support services to the Director-General of the Western Cape Government.

The Department's Vision and Mission are as follows:

  • The vision of the Department is to be a leading department enabling the Western Cape Government to improve the quality of life of all its people.

  • The mission of the Department is to embed good governance and to enable integrated service delivery in the Western Cape through partnerships, innovation and people excellence.

The Department's Provincial Strategic Objectives include:

  • rendering relevant and timeous support to the Executive and Director-General of the Western Cape Government;
  • supporting the Premier and Cabinet; and
  • achieving efficient, effective and professional corporate services with excellent people, processes and technology to optimise service delivery.

The Western Cape Government has identified the following five Provincial Strategic Goals (PSGs) to deliver on its vision and to help realise the objectives of the National Development Plan (NDP) over its five-year term:

  • Strategic Goal One: Creating Opportunities for Growth and Jobs
  • Strategic Goal Two: Improving Education Outcomes and Opportunities for Youth Development
  • Strategic Goal Three: Increasing Wellness, Safety and Tackling Social Ills
  • Strategic Goal Four: Enabling a Resilient, Sustainable, Quality and Inclusive Living Environment
  • Strategic Goal Five: Embedding Good Governance and Integrated Service Delivery through Partnerships and Spatial Alignment

Through widespread consultation, we have selected several priority projects, which we call Game Changers, because they have the potential to be catalysts for substantial improvement in people’s lives. These will be bold, focused interventions in eight key areas:

  • Achieving energy security to support economic growth;
  • Vocational skills development with a specific focus on occupations that are critical to our priority sectors;
  • Delivering high-speed broadband across the Province;
  • Installing e-learning in schools to improve academic results and prepare our youth for the 21st Century;
  • Significantly expanding attractive after-school opportunities for young people to participate in sport, cultural and academic activities;
  • Reducing the greatest harm caused by alcohol abuse, notably intentional and unintentional injuries;
  • Implementing new approaches in support of scaled up, decent sanitation services; and
  • Pioneering, through a major development in Cape Town, an integrated Better Living model that can pave the way for restructuring the apartheid legacy of our cities and towns.

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