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Social Issues Affecting Schools

Address List of Schools Catering for Special Needs

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This National List contains details of all schools that cater for special needs education.

A Human Capital Development Strategy for the Western Cape: A Focus on Youth

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This is one the lead strategies for the development of the Western Cape.

Abolition of Corporal Punishment Act, 33 of 1997

No. 33 of 1997Department of Education (National) (The Government of South Africa)
This Act provides for the abolishment of corporal punishment.

Abuse No More

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This document sets out what educators should do if they suspect that a learner is being abused.

Discipline in Schools

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This document provides information on school codes of conduct, corporal punishment, alternative punishments, suspension and expulsion.

Girls Education Movement

This site contains information about the government initiative to promote equal access to education for girls and increased awareness of issues affecting female learners, such as sexual abuse.

Preventing Discrimination against HIV-Positive Learners and Educators

All learners and educators should respect the rights of other learners and educators. Schools should create an environment which prevents discrimination against HIV-positive learners and staff members by:

Preventing Transmission of HIV at Schools and Other Educational Institutions

All schools and other educational institutions should implement universal precautions to prevent transmission of HIV and other blood-borne diseases. A full list of the precautions that should be taken is given in the document Universal Precautions for preventing disease transmission in schools.   A fully equipped first-aid kit should be available wherever contact play or contact sport takes place. All schools have been supplied with first-aid kits by the WCED.

Report on West Coast Schools Investigation into Racism and Access

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This investigation was born out of a meeting, held on 21 January 2007, arranged by concerned parents of Laingville in St Helena Bay regarding educational issues at certain schools in the Saldanha Bay municipal area. This is the final report after the investigation.

Safe Schools Call Centre

The WCED has established a Safe Schools Call Centre as part of the Safe Schools Programme. Educators, learners and parents can call the toll-free number to report violence, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, vandalism and/or complaints regarding corruption in schools. The Call Centre also provides information on:

Safe Schools Programme

The WCED's Safe Schools Programme works with schools to ensure safe school environments needed for successful teaching and learning.

Specialised Learner & Educator Support Services Website

This website contains information on the services offered by school clinics in Worcester and Swellendam, including psychologists, social workers and school doctors.

WCED Policy on Managing Learner Pregnancy in General Education and Training and Further Education and Training Institutions

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Policy for school authorities on how to manage pupils who are pregnant at school and who are writing final school examinations.

WCED's HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme

The National Education Strategy prioritises HIV/AIDS in education and requires HIV/AIDS to be included in the curriculum as part of Life Orientation.