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Adopting a child

The decision to adopt is life changing for both the respective parents and the child. Whether you're battling with infertility or simply have a desire to expand your family, adoption might be the right decision for you. 

All you need to know about child maintenance

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When it comes to our children, strong commitment and love aren't negotiable.  Unfortunately, not all parents honour this duty, specifically their legal duty to maintain the well-being of their children. Considering this, the child maintenance system ensures that all parents honour their duty to maintain their children.

Cape Town Child Welfare Society Website

The Help Kids site contains information on Child Welfare services and projects in the Cape Town area, including adoption and fostering.

Enforcing a Maintenance Order

If the court has ordered that a parent must pay child support, it is a criminal offence not to pay.

Fostering a child

Foster care is the placement of child, who needs to be removed from the parental home, into the custody of a suitable family or person willing to be foster parents. This is done by order of the Children's Court. Children can be removed from their parents if they are abused, neglected or abandoned.

Getting a maintenance order

As parents we have a legal duty to financially support our children. If you're the primary caregiver of a child, you have the right to apply to a maintenance court for an official demand that the other parent contribute monthly to the support of the child.

Giving up a child for adoption

Giving up a child for adoption requires careful consideration of the following facts to ensure that it's in the best interest of the child. How the process works

Grant for Fostering a Child (Foster Child Grant)

A foster child is a child who is removed from their parents and legally placed in the care of foster parents, in terms of the Child Care Act. If you have been appointed a foster parent by a court, you can get a monthly payment from the government for your foster child. You (the foster parent) and the child must both be resident in South Africa at the time of making the application. However, you do not have to be South African citizens.