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Healthcare Tips

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These guides provide practical tips on how to lead a healthier life, from nutrition to exercise to sun safety.

Integrated Nutrition Programme

The Integrated Nutrition Programme (INP) aims to improve the nutritional status of all people living in the Western Cape province. There are numerous aspects to this programme.

Integrated Nutrition Programme - A Foundation for Life

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The goals and principles of the government's Integrated Nutrition Programme with information on Micro-Nutrient Control, the primary school nutrition programmes.

Integrated Nutrition Programme - National Publications

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A list of the names, dates and current status of national publications on the National Integrated Nutrition Programme.

National and Provincial Nutrition Indicators

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A list of provincial and national nutrition indicators

National Nutrition Strategic Plan 2002/03 - 2006/07

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(File type: pdf; size: 152.41 KB)Department of Health (National) (The Government of South Africa)

South Africa is Close to Eliminating Iodine Deficiency Disorders

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A descriptive document on Iodine Deficiency Disorders in South Africa and attempts made to eliminate the problem. A summary of the findings of the Medical Research Council on the introduction of iodised salt in shops is also included.

Vitamin A Deficiency

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Everything you need to know about Vitamin A: why we need it, where to find it, how much we need, what causes Vitamin A deficiency, who is at greatest risk and how a deficiency of this vital vitamin can be prevented and eliminated.