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Premier of the Western Cape: Overview

premier alan winde

The Premier of the Western Cape 

Alan Winde


Premier Winde has previously served as the provincial Minister of Finance, Minister of Economic Opportunities and Minister of Community Safety. He was first elected to serve as an MPL in 1999, a position he held for 10 years before the Democratic Alliance was voted into power in the province.

His campaign for the premiership was centred on improving economic and household prosperity by getting the basics right, such as education and healthcare, and improving safety and public transport for all the residents of our province. He has further committed to improving the efficiency of government service delivery through innovation and new technology.

Short biography

  • Date of birth: 18 March 1965.
  • Before Alan Winde began his career in politics, he started and successfully operated 10 businesses in his home town of Knysna.
  • In 1996, he ran as an independent candidate and was successfully elected to the South Cape District Council.
  • Following this, he was approached by the leadership of the Democratic Alliance to run for Provincial Parliament in the Western Cape, a responsibility and challenge he gladly accepted.
  • Between 1999 and 2009, he served in various political roles, including as Chief Whip of the official opposition and Western Cape Provincial Finance Chairperson.
  • In 2009, following the DA’s victory in the provincial election, he became the Western Cape Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism.
  • In 2014, the Democratic Alliance retained the Western Cape. Alan Winde took up the position of Minister of Economic Opportunities, in charge of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. On 1 November 2018, he became the Western Cape Minister of Community Safety, and on 10 May 2019, following a campaign which spanned communities across the province, he became the Premier-Elect of the Western Cape.
  • He enjoys spending time with his wife, Tracy, and children, Jason and Lauren. In his spare time, he's a keen cyclist and coffee drinker. 


Premier Winde's first 100 Days in office



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